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The Wherries - Far East Tour 2005

The Wherries tour of the Far East was twelve days of sun, fun, music and mirth. We were joined for the first time by Moira Kerr, one of Scotland's most loved singer song-writers of our time, and together we sang, played, partied, shopped and laughed our way through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The contrast between the Wherries rather brisk and robust style and Moira's more polished performance made for good all-round concerts in both Singapore and Jakarta. The Wherries played an extra gig in Jakarta at a new Scottish theme venue and of course, a few 'impromptu' sessions occurred at various times throughout the tour!

Once again, our grateful thanks go to our hosts Frank and Linda Boyland, for allowing us to devastate their home and drinks cabinet and for looking after us so well during our time in Singapore. We very much appreciate their kindness and hospitality, which is second to none!

Our thanks also to John and Linda Jaskula of the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta for our accommodation in Indonesia, and Susan and Rex Whistler for their kindness and support and the sumptuous welcome party hosted by them preceding the 'Gathering' concert. Susan is Chieftain of the Java St Andrew's Society for 2005. Bob Park is again Chairman of the Highland Gathering, Jakarta, June 2005.

A thank you to KLM for flying us here there and everywhere and ensuring we made each destination safely, with plenty gin and tonics to neutralise the effects of jet-lag.

Photos and stuff

The Wherries on stageThe Wherries with Moira Kerr

The Wherries on stage at the Tanglin Cub and the band with Moira Kerr

The Andrex WaveThe backing band give it laldie!

Dinner was hot - quick, pass the toilet roll!

The 'backing band' is in fine form!

I like your new washing machine!Crazy baby!

"I like your new washing machine"

Crazy baby!

A day with the dolphins

A fishy tale to be sureDave's fish supper

That sounds like a fishy tale.....

Dave's fish supper

Bob and Moira with Singapore's skyline

Bob and Moira with Singapore in the background

The Dolphin Lodge team

The Dolphin Lodge team

A casual session

Impromptu sessionThe Boyland Sisters

Impromptu at Frank's

The Boyland Sisters - Stars of tomorrow!

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