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Scotland is our "Home and Harbour" - The Video & CD

Journey through West Scotland, Inverclyde and the surrounding area with The Wherries as they sing songs of the sea and land, of leaving port, and returning home to the ones they love, of battles won and lost and....... dancing centipedes?!!!!

Featuring the magnificence of the 'Tall Ships Race' on the River Clyde and at Greenock's Waterfront, this 1 hour video offers a different and unusual view of Inverclyde not normally experienced by the local population -- it's not RAINING!

With special thanks to our guest musicians who provided their talents on various tracks throughout this album.

Alison McNeill - Fiddle; Corina Platt - Fiddle; David Murray - Accordion; Kirsteen Henderson - Accordion.

Highlighting the beautiful scenery of the Firth of Clyde and the 1999 Tall Ships Race, with a soundtrack to match.

  • The Rose of Allendale mp3 sample mp3 sample
  • Otterburn
  • Yellow on the Broom mp3 sample mp3 sample
  • Colours
  • The Winter it is Past
  • Whiskey in the Jar
  • The Waverley Polka mp3 sample mp3 sample
  • The Holy Ground
  • Ye Jacobites by Name
  • Captain Kidd mp3 sample mp3 sample
  • Go fetch tae me, a Pint O'Wine
  • Roses of Prince Charlie
  • The Sloop 'John B'
  • The wee Kircudbright Centipede mp3 sample mp3 sample
  • All the Tunes in the World / Kate Dalrymple
Home And Harbour

Due to a flood at the manufacturing plant, the CD is no longer available and as such, is now a collectors item. However, the video is still available on DVD. Please e-mail The Wherries for availability info.

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