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Singapore Tour - January 2009

After a break of a couple of years, Ken and Dave were delighted to be invited back to Singapore to perform at the St Andrews Society of Singapore's Burns Supper and the Sportsman 11th Burns Supper. Celebrating 250 years of Robert Burns, both Burns Suppers were full to capacity and excelled in their lavish presentation, cuisine and entertainment. It was wonderful to meet old friends again and to make new acquaintances at both events and enjoy the hospitality of the people of Singapore. Our grateful thanks go to Elspeth Town, Chieftain of the St Andrews Society and Harry and Sharon Martin of the Sportsman bar for all their efforts in arranging transportation and accommodation and for inviting us to play at their prestigious Burns Suppers.The Wherries also played a couple of gigs in the Sportsman Bar and the Prince of Wales bar in Little India and of course, there were a few 'impromptu sessions' when the guitars came out at the very suggestion of a party! We are indebted to Mary and Rob Kozma for their assistance with sound equipment and all they did for us and to David and Marion White for just being wonderful.

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Crazy CrewMore crazy folk

Chieftain and WherriesChieftains

Sportsman jam session

The new recruitKen and Dave with Harry

The 'Pub-Girls' Party

Happy Boys!More crazy folk

The Wherries gig-in-the-pub

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