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The Wherries - Jura Regatta Weekend

To the memory of our absent friends from Jura who are sorely missed.

Lindsay, Iain, Paddy, Duncan and George

People ask us, "When are you visiting the 'Islands' again, because you always have good weather on your Island tours, and it would be a good time to take a holiday."

The Jura Regatta falls annually on the first full weekend in August. The Wherries have performed at the Regatta Ceilidh every year since the 1990s to an appreciative audience who's number has increased progressively year on year. The 2007 Regatta weekend was the first time since we started playing there that the weather was poor. It was a cold and wet Summer all over but it didn't dampen the spirits of competitors or spectators, as the magic of Jura and it's people can overcome the worst of the elements. The Wherries concert starts off the evening's entertainment on Saturday and is closely followed by the Ceilidh Dance which can - and often does - continue until the sun comes up on Sunday morning. There is usually a musical 'session' in the hotel bar on Sunday afternoon where anyone who plays an instrument is encouraged to come and join in. This usually continues into the small hours of Monday morning for those with enough stamina to keep going. A truly wonderful weekend enjoyed by all who attend.

Although it is not far from Inverclyde to Jura as the crow flies, it is still a six hour car journey, including the two hour ferry crossing to Islay. A very pleasant trip though, through beautiful countryside, and there are some wonderful views of the islands to be seen from the ferry. Photos from 2002 to 2005.

Hi Tamsin

A few diehards remained for the sunrise

The glow before sunrise - 2014

One of the many picturesque cottages of Jura

Steve, Iain, Lindsay, Paddy, Kenny and DuncanThe 'amber nectar' of Jura

Craighouse Harbour & Small Isles Craighouse from the Harbour

I want to be there

North of the harbourCraighouse Harbour

A good crowd of folk gathering

Dave - at the distillery! Kenny - by the Jura Stores

Craighouse - looking south

"Jura, my love for you ever grows,
Thy beauty so fair, as a fresh blooming rose.
The 'morrow may find, the poor rose a' gone,
But unlike the rose, thy beauty lives on.

And now, my love remains in my heart,
For Jura and I must soon be apart.
And though the ties with you I must sever,
I will still be in love with you Jura forever"

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