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The Wherries - 'Now and Then' CD

The Wherries CD 'Now and Then' was released in conjunction with the band's celebration of 21 years playing together continuously with the same group line-up. 2007 was a special anniversary year for Ken, Dave and Bob and the CD 'Now and Then' is a compilation of songs they have sung over the last 21 years, one track for each performance year. For information on how to obtain your copy of 'The Wherries - Now and Then' CD, please contact The Wherries via E-mail - info@wherries.co.uk

"Now and Then" CD back cover"Now and Then" CD front cover
  1. The Mermaid
  2. Bonnie lass 'o Fyvie
  3. Whiskey in the Jar
  4. A red yo-yo
  5. Bonnie Dundee
  6. The Rose of Allendale
  7. The Irish Rover
  8. Colours
  9. Sam the Skull
  10. Dumbarton's Drums
  11. McPherson's Rant
  12. Leezie Lindsay
  13. Barnyards of Dalgety
  14. Drunken Sailor
  15. Green Oak Tree
  16. South Australia
  17. Doon in the wee room
  18. Shoals of Herring
  19. The Dark Island
  20. Ye Jacobites
  21. Rolling Home

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