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Singapore tour 2004 - Pictures and info

Pictures from our tour of the Far-East - Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in January 2004, including the Burns Supper in the Tanglin Club, old and new friends and a day with the dolphins in Indonesia.

The Burns SupperFrank and David

The Burns Supper and (right) Frank Boyland and David White

New band member

The Wherries have gained a new band member. I wonder which one it is...

We're in heaven

Frank and Linda - our hosts

Frank and Linda at home with The Wherries

Two happy boys!

The Wherries on stageThe Wherries Rock!

The band on stage at the Tanglin Club - and "The Wherries rock", says Olivia

Singapore Waterfront

The height of the Singapore skyline

Indonesian Waterfront

The contrast of the Indonesian skyline. Quite a difference

Now don't you eat all the fish again!

Nice dolphin!

You can have one more whisky and that's your lot!

Bob - Are you all right?

The dolphin park

The dolphin lodge on Batam Island, Indonesia

Dancing with dolphins

Give us a kiss!

C'mon - give us a kiss

Anyone for a 'Dashing White Sergent'?

Great leaping dolphins!

Gimmie 5!

I can see your house from up here!

Gimmie five!

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