The Wherries

Clydesides favourite Scottish folk music band

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The Wherries play traditional Scottish folk music in an informal and off-beat style that appeals to audiences of all ages, and have performed regularly throughout Scotland, mainland Europe and the USA. The Wherries unique blend of popular Scottish and Irish 'sing along' traditional Celtic folk music, Clydeside humour and abundant audience participation has won them friends and fans wherever they have performed. From venues as diverse as The Usher Hall in Edinburgh to a Scout hut in Kemnay, and from Singapore to Texas, the warmth and intimacy of a 'Wherries' concert will raise your spirits to a new level and leave you with fond memories for years to come. An evening with The Wherries is something not to be missed.

From their base in Inverclyde on Scotland's rugged and beautiful west coast, The Wherries have put together a collection seven albums and four videos, with the latest CD being "All the good times". Please have a look through the rest of the site for more details of the band and their music from Scotland..........

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