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Traditional Scottish music audio Tapes & CDs

These are the tapes & CDs produced by The Wherries so far -

1: "In Studio" - audio tape

"Full Circle" CD

2: "Rolling Home Again" - audio tape

"Home and Harbour" CD

3: "For Export" - audio tape

4: "Splice the Mainbrace" (limited edition) - audio tape

5: "Full Circle" - CD

6: "Home and Harbour" - CD & video

7: "Now and Then" CD

8: "All the good times" CD

Due to a flood at the manufacturing plant, CDs 5 and 6 are no longer available and as such, are now collectors items

A 'Mother' Celebrates..........

"Greenock Burns Club" - CD and audio cassette

The CD album to commemorate and celebrate the Greenock Burns Mother Club's 200th anniversary is a delightful record of a selection of some well known works by our National Bard. This album includes songs and recitals from the pen of Robert Burns by award-winning children from Inverclyde, Ravenscraig Primary School Choir and The Wherries. Narration by Jack Glenny.

Burns Club CD contents - Introduction; I'll Ay ca' in by yon toon; Willie Wastle; Ye Jacobites; A man's a man; The White Cocade; The country lass; Ye banks and braes; Tam Glen; Ay waukin' O; The braw wooer; Rattlin' roarin' Willie; The rights of woman; The silver tassie; Lament for a lost dinner ticket*; Fiddle medley*; The wee malkies*; Comin' through the rye; The Kirk moose*; Killiecrankie; Lament of Mary Queen of Scots; Ca the yowes; To a louse; Green grow the rashes O; My heart is in the Highlands. (* not by Burns)

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