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Dave Currie David Currie - The only person in the world known as Effull Offall

Dave Currie

Bass guitar

Electric Guitar




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Dave Currie has had a love of music ever since he acquired his first acoustic guitar at the age of twelve. "I only wish I had learned to play it", says Dave! He moved on to the bass guitar in a 'schoolboy' band at fifteen. There was only one reason for choosing the 'bass' - it was the only instrument left after all the others had been grabbed. Still, four strings had to be easier to play than six - possibly! (It was probably evident at this time that Dave was never going to be a 'master musician', but would still have fun with many instruments!!)

Dave has played in various bands, none of which really came to anything, although "A Plague of Boyles" had definite possibilities! From the 'mid seventies' to the 'late eighties', he ran the highly popular 'KLF Disco'. The 'KLF' stood for 'Kip Liberation Front', but laterally degenerated to the more apt 'Kip Lunatic Fringe'. "Just what we were liberating ourselves from, no-one quite knew - but we were all bonkers then. Some of us still are!" Dave occasionally returned to playing the bass with a band that was eventually to become 'The Wherries'. That band was called 'The Swampies', a folk duo consisting of Kenny Wilson and Peter Linning (Dave's brother-in-law). However, in 1987, Peter sadly died, and along with him died the Swampies band.

"Peter's premature death came as a great shock to us all. It seemed only right to try and keep his spirit alive through music, and so, with the addition of Robert Platt, 'The Wherries' were born." The Wherries rapidly grew in popularity, playing regularly for charity and fund-raising 'gigs' and further built on the reputation that Peter and Kenny had already created. As running a busy disco and playing in the band at the same time was not an easy task, Dave decided to give up the Disco and reverted to keeping the music 'live'!

Dave's current guitar is a 'Fender Precision Lyte'. "It is light in weight compared to a 'normal' Fender Precision, and it is great for jumping up and down on stage through a whole concert. My last guitar was a Peavey Foundation, and much heavier. At the end of a stage show, my shoulders were aching, carrying that weight!" The bass 'rig' is a 150 watt Peavey Mk.3 amp head and a 'Mega-bass' 300 watt speaker box.

When he is not playing in the band, Dave can be found in Primrose Hill Studio, where he recorded all the Wherries albums and other recording projects for local musicians and songwriters. Out of the band and studio, Dave is a keen skier and ex Scottish and British champion yachtsman team member in the quarter and half-ton yachting classes.

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